3 Easy Headache Tips

If you get headaches with any regularity, here are some easy things to try. If you don't get headaches, consider yourself lucky and forward this blog post on to someone you know who does suffer from headaches.

1. Lay back on an ice pack: At the first sign of a headache coming on try laying back onto an ice pack wrapped in a hand towel. Laying on an ice pack between the junction of the back of the skull and the upper neck can cool down the nerves that can radiate pain into the back of the head. If there is pain in the forehead area, icing the forehead with a second ice pack at the same time can help as well. Leave the ice on for about 15 minutes and see if the headache is less severe upon getting up.

2. Thumb web: There is an acupressure point between the thumb and index finger that can be stimulated to reduce headache pain. Again, this is most often beneficial if it is done at the outset of a headache. Here is a video on how to do this, and it only takes one minute! Click for video.

3. Try a cup of Ginger Tea: One study from 2014 showed that a cup of ginger tea reduced migraine pain within 2 hours of drinking it. It had a similar effect on reducing headaches in patients to the drug sumatriptan. If you suffer from migraines it's a good idea to keep some ginger tea in the pantry just in case.

Prevention is always the best medicine, so if you're interested in how to prevent tension headaches watch the video below!


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