Dry Needling in Loveland

Dry Needling is becoming more and more popular and in demand due to its quick results and effectiveness in reducing muscle trigger points, tension, and pain.

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to insert into muscular trigger points. This is different than traditional chinese medicine acupuncture, as it has a limited applicability to muscular adhesions, trigger points, and pain, as opposed to balancing energy through meridians. (Please note that we only offer dry needling, not traditional acupuncture)

If  you have stubborn muscle pain and knots dry needling may be a great way to reduce or eliminate your pain, and improve your muscle function. Many people suffer with these knots in the upper shoulders, neck, and lower back areas, but they can occur in many other muscles throughout the body. Please call our office for a consultation to find out if dry needling may be a good treatment option for you.

Loveland, OH Dry Needling


FAQ About Dry Needling:

1. Does it hurt? Many times the insertion of the needle is not felt at all. Some needle insertions cause a pinching sensation. After the needle is inserted some people feel relaxation, others feel soreness, others feel burning or tingling or aching. Much of this depends on the location of the insertion, the individual patient reaction, and the type of needle used.

2. How long does it take to work? Some people feel improvement after the first treatment. We expect to start seeing results within 3-4 treatments.

3. Does insurance cover dry needling? Currently most insurance companies o not have coverage for dry needling therapy. However, we are keeping our visits for dry needling to only $35 per session.

4. How long is each treatment? Treatment times typically are just 5-10 minutes.

5. How can I get started? Call us at 513-444-4529 to set up a consultation to see if dry needling is a good treatment option for you.


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