Chiropractic Adjustments

These are some of the techniques that Dr. Kauffman uses most often:


Diversified Adjustments

Loveland, OH chiropractorDiversified technique is considered the classic chiropractic technique, which was developed over 100 years ago by DD Palmer (the founder of chiropractic). These are hands-on adjustments. The diversified technique has evolved over time to what it is today, a very powerful way to correct the biomechanics of the spine. The application of the technique is done through specific small thrusts delivered by the chiropractors hands to the patient’s vertebrae. The very term chiropractic is derived from a Greek word meaning “done by hand,” which is what the diversified technique is all about. This is one of the main techniques that Dr. Kauffman uses because it often yields the quickest and most direct results for the relief of patients’ pain and symptoms.


Cox Flexion-Distraction

Cox Flexion-Distraction is a technique that utilizes a special table that allows the doctor to flex and stretch the lower back in a very specific way. This allows the muscles around the spine to relax, and it is excellent for the healing of intervertebral discs. Dr. Kauffman uses this technique the most with patients that have disc bulges, disc herniations, and inflammation.


Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release

If you have any muscular involvement that is contributing to your symptoms, Dr. Kauffman is here to help with his extensive training in muscle work. He has been certified in Active Release Technique for the Spine, which is a very specific method of targeting individual muscles that may have adhesions or may even entrap a nerve. Other soft tissue techniques are also used to help stretch muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce muscle aches and pains.


Drop Table Adjustments

Adjustments using the drop table are specific manipulations to the spine that require a specialized table that "drops" toward the floor. The drop mechanism only moves about a half an inch during an adjustment, but can improve the specificity and speed used in certain types of adjustents.





Low Force Techniques

Logan Basic Technique

Logan Basic Technique is unique to students of Logan College of Chiropractic. It is a very gentle technique that is used to balance the spine and allow for proper body biomechanics. The basic premise is that if the sacrum (the base of the spine) is balanced, then the rest of the spine will follow. This technique is used as an alternative, or in addition to the diversified technique.

Activator Technique

The Activator adjusting instrument is a small hand held device that delivers an impulse that can restore normal joint mechanics.



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