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Kay (2023) 5 STARS

I’ve been to Kauffman Chiropractic 3 times now for the initial consultation, adjustments, and a massage. The front admin staff is very attentive, helpful and friendly! Dr. Kauffman is thorough in his explanation of what is going on with my neck pain, as well as the exam. I like that he stretches my neck before adjusting. I also appreciate his timeliness. The massage I received from Renee felt phenomenal and she did an amazing job. My husband now has his first appointment scheduled!

Dawn (2023) 5 STARS

Dr Kauffman is the best! He takes time to answer questions and make sure all concerns are addressed. I feel amazing after my appointments. Marybeth makes booking appointments super easy and is always friendly. Great visit from walking in the door to walking out.

Randy (2023) 5 STARS

"My first visit was great. Dr. Kauffman is patient and listens and explains everything. Staff is super friendly. Received a treatment on the first day and feel so much better. I actually can't wait to go back. Thank you for helping take some pain away! Highly recommend."

Gene (2023) 5 STARS

"Truly exceptional treatment and care! Dr. Kauffman and team are good listeners and genuinely care for their patients! It’s a 25 minute drive from home, and absolutely worth it for this level of care!"

Kayla (2023) 5 STARS

"Dr. Kauffman and his staff are very kind and professional. He has helped me with my back and neck pain tremendously. I wasn’t able to make it through a work day before and now I’m on the road to pain-free days. Highly recommend this office! Thank you!!"

Dori (2023) 5 STARS

"Dr. Kauffman has always helped me with my neck & back issues and I’ve been able to be seen when needed with great ongoing care too. The location is super convenient and clean and nice facility with very friendly and helpful office staff!"

Meagan (2022) 5 STARS

"Dr. Kauffman has been wonderful! I recently started seeing him and he has listened to my concerns and addressed each one in a thoughtful manner. I like his use of technology along with other more traditional approaches."

Jill (2022) 5 STARS

"My headaches were excruciating & debilitating, I tried everything from massages to yoga to medication and more. I decided to try Chiropractic and I’m so thankful I found Dr. Kauffman! It’s been 6 months since I started receiving treatment, specifically for my upper neck that was completely locked up, and my headaches are pretty much non existent now. He thoroughly explained what was happening with my vertebrae, what he was trying to accomplish, techniques he’d be using and gave me at home stretches to do to keep my neck from locking up. He even gave me information on a new wearable technology for people who suffer from hearing loss & tinnitus, which I do. He truly has improved my quality of life and I look forward to my weekly adjustment!"

Sarah (2022) 5 STARS

"I have been going to Dr. Kauffman for a little over a year now. I always tend to work jobs where I am always on my feet and it was hurting my lower back so bad. I also deal with migraines. Dr. Kauffman has been able to help me get nearly migraine free and has made my back/hip pain so much more manageable. I don’t know what I’d do without him! Great man, great work, great staff!!!"


Hi. I'm Renee. I am a mom of three. I started to see Dr. Kaufman for back pain, from holding a child all day. So I wanted some relief, and coming here has been amazing. Not only is the office very convenient, but I can bring my kids while I get adjusted and treated, and it's nice as a stay-at-home mom to be able to feel comfortable bringing my kids somewhere and getting the relief from carrying my kids. So yeah. Definitely come.

"Hi there. My name is Derek. I started coming to Dr. Kauffman's office when I started ... I threw my back out and actually started having some back spasms, and over a couple of months, got all of that worked out. And ever since I've been coming pretty much monthly to deal with just nagging back issues. Being a tall guy and being a good husband and helping with the dishes, it tends to hurt my back sometimes, but he really helps out with that, and of course, the care that he gives to my wife and the support and just the overall care of the office with our kids. It's very nice to be able to come in with my wife, both get adjusted and our kids can come and sit with us. They remember their names. It's just an overall great experience from the care to the office staff. It's just a great place."

Hi there. I'm just answering the question on my experience with Doctor Kauffman and it's been great! I started coming when I was having some just minor back pain, and kind of, I have a little bit of scoliosis going on. It's minor. So Doctor Kauffman's just been working on me and it's really pretty easy and it's helped my back pain a little bit. It's pretty much gone away. I just keep coming for maintenance so that my scoliosis doesn't get any better, or getting any worse, I should say. And yeah, no, the experience is good. It doesn't take very long, and Doctor Kauffman is very nice. And he's easy to talk to and he can explain everything that's going on. He takes time to listen to you, and he's also is helping with some shoulder pain I've had, and some hip pain because I run a fair amount. He works on your whole body if you need it. So yeah, that's it.

Jamie Ballard:
Hello. This is Jamie Ballard. I'm a patient here at Kauffman Chiropractic. I just wanted to state for the record that I thoroughly enjoy my treatments and my visits. The doctor's great. He's improved me greatly since I've been coming here almost over the last year, and I heartily recommend his services. Thank you.

JW - Nov 2019

After seeing multiple specialist and getting no real direction with the cause of my symptoms, I visited Dr Kauffman. I received a diagnosis within weeks and was immediately put on a treatment plan, which I'm currently on. He will take whatever time is needed to thoroughly answer your questions. He has been a real blessing at a time where I didn't think answers would be found.

SW - Oct 2019

Dr Kauffman has provided excellent care for several years for my back. I always feel relief after my visits. Highly recommend Kauffman Chiropractic.

Jason - Sept 2019

Open on Saturdays and does a great job. And cares about what he does. Will recommend this place to everyone.

Jodi - June 2019

Dr Kauffman is the best in the area. He is patient, gentle and informative about every aspect of your care plan. I will never go to anyone else. I have trusted him with every member of my family and all five of us agree that we have found the best in the business!

Michael - June 2019

Been going to Dr. Kauffman for past couple of years every 4 to 6 weeks or so. Every visit helps relieve my back pain and stiffness. Dr. is friendly and takes his time with you during the treatment. The staff is super friendly.

George - June 2019

Friendly, caring, responsive and make-you-feel-like-family environment. Very professional and competent care!

Brooke - Mar 2019

Dr. Kauffman has improved my range of motion in my lower back by leaps and bounds. I thought I would never be able to run or do simple tasks like getting out of my car with out being in pain. In just a few simple visits I'm already feeling tremendously better and almost back to myself. I'm so thankful Dr. Kauffman was able to figure out what my problem was and treat it quickly.

Jeremy - Mar 2019

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Kauffman for a little over 4 years now. He and his team are always friendly and Dr. Kauffman looks at all aspects of health for you. Our family of 5 sees him regularly.

Elaine - Dec 2018

This practice is awesome! Dr. Kauffman is dedicated to his patients and knows his stuff. He answers questions about what is going on in your body so that you understand and gives you ways to improve outside of the office. He adjusts all ages and pregnant women! The office staff is superb as well! They knew me by name by the time I came in for my second visit and they are always interested in how I am. The practice as a whole runs very smoothly. You’re in, you’re adjusted, you’re out and at every step greeted with people who care.

Jennifer - Nov 2018

My two sons and I both go to David and we all think he is the best!! I’ve had back issues my whole life and there is no other chiropractor I’ve ever seen who listens, assesses what’s going on, and then helps me with immediate relief. I trust David and I totally recommend him.

J.P. - June 2017

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Kauffman. He is extremely well knowledged in his field. I have been using chiropractic services for years and when I moved from North Carolina it was difficult finding someone that I was contented with. His staff is very professional, helpful and extremely friendly. I would recommend his office to anyone needing assistance.

J.M. Sept. 2017 

I have been to many chiropractors and have had many different experiences good & bad and honestly Dr Kauffman is by far the chiropractor that has helped me the most. I've referred quite a few family members and colleagues and they've all thanked me for the referral. If your looking for a chiropractor that actually cares and will help determine your issues and find the right treatments then I'd call Dr Kauffman today!

S.S. Aug 2017

Dr. Kauffman is a miracle worker. I had been suffering with knee pain for months, and after a few short visits my pain is gone. I highly recommend his practice.

U.A. - May 2017

Dr. Kauffman has provided me very excellent treatment and advice, to help manage and prevent the onset of severe lower back pain and sciatica. He is also very 'flexible' in tailoring a treatment protocol for busy/hectic lifestyles. I highly recommend his practice!

T.S. - March 2017

Dr. Kauffman has helped me with migraine headaches for several months now. He is very caring and listens to you. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs chiropractic care!!!

M.W.  - Feb 2017

Dr. Kauffman is a very caring, intiutive Doctor that listens ~ I came into his office after suffering from Planter Fasciitis for 8 months. His treatment plan along with some recommended supplements have helped me tremendously. The office staff is always so friendly and accommodating too!

D.D. - Dec, 2016

I've been extremely satisfied with the level of care and expertise at Kauffman Chiropractic. Dr. Kauffman is easy to talk to, understanding and very detail-oriented in his explanations of conditions and solutions. If you've got something wrong with your back, give Dr. Kauffman a crack... Well, let him give you a crack!

G.W. - Dec, 2016

Dr Kauffman is awesome. He takes the time to treat each person individually. Office staff is friendly and great also. I have been making great progress with my treatment plan Dr Kauffman designed to help my low back pain. I have recommended I don't even know how many people to this awesome office. Best chiropractic care I have ever had!

G.M. - Feb, 2015

Dr. Kauffman and staff were very courteous and thorough. Excellent questions were asked about my health and exercise practices. A concise and clear explanation of his recommended treatment before receiving my adjustment was appreciated.

E.A. - Feb, 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Kauffman for several years. I go out of my way to continue treatment with him because I trust his skill and knowledge and value the doctor/patient relationship we have established. Having worked with a number of chiropractors on my back issues, I appreciate that Dr. Kauffman offers hands-on adjustment as well as other therapeutic modalities. His approach is thorough and patient-centered. He has always respected my preference for holistic intervention and has been helpful in pointing me toward additional resources. He has helped my husband and I to resolve painful back issues and we now see him for regular maintenance. Dr. Kauffman and his staff are wonderful to work with.

L.W. - Oct, 2014

I was referred to Dr. Kauffman by my family doctor about a year and a half ago when I was having terrible sciatica and nerve pain in my hip and tailbone. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, nothing I had tried previously helped and I was leading a very restricted life. Almost immediately after visiting Dr. Kauffman, I experienced relief and went from a three-days-a-week schedule at first to my current once-a-month visit.

To me, the most important thing Dr. Kauffman does is give me encouragement and instructions on how to get back to a more normal life. From the very first visit, I was given instructions on exercising and movement that would improve my mobility. He suggested an exercise bike and the amount of time I should spend on it each day. I'm 82 years old and leading a pretty active life, doing everything I need to do and best of all, have hope for the future.

M.K. - May, 2014

Outstanding comprehensive services. Chiropractic, additional nutritional supplements with counseling, massage therapy, xray equipment on-site for quick diagnosis, professional staff committed to each patient getting better.

E.E. - Apr, 2014

I went to Dr. Kauffman a couple weeks ago. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep, work, drive - it was agony! Turned out there was a pinched nerve. He gave me manageable relief immediately and over the past two weeks has gotten me to the point of being virtually pain free. I admit, I've been skeptical about Chiropractic at times. I never will be when it comes to Dr. K - he knows his stuff! Thank you, Dr. K!!!

S.K. - Dec, 2013

I referred my dad to Dr. Kauffman with a sciatic nerve issue. My dad is experiencing relief he didn't think was possible. Thanks!!

R.N. - Oct, 2013

Dr. Kauffman has a friendly bedside manner and he really seemed to listen to what I was saying to him. This was very important to me as I have not always felt that way with other doctors I have seen. He was very willing to work with me on making me feel better as soon as possible. Compared to other chiropractors I have seen, he has decreased my pain greatly and I would highly recommend him!

M.H. ‎ - Feb, 2013

I went to Dr. Kauffman because I injured my wrist in a volleyball game. Dr. Kauffman gave me a thorough examination and x-rays.     My wrist was VERY soar and I worried about it being painful, but Dr. Kauffman handled the examination with care and I I suffered no additional pain at all. Turns out my wrist was fractured and is now in a cast, but I will certainly be returning to Dr. Kauffman for rehabilitation when the cast comes off. Thanks for all that you and those who work in your office do! (One Satisfied patient)

T.G. ‎ - Nov, 2012

Everyone is super friendly and helpful!!!!!Dr. Kauffman is engaging and is a consumate professional!!!

P.G. ‎ -  Sept, 2012

"Excellent service and personal attention for my neck issues. I have had neck pain and headaches for years. Dr. Kauffman was able to eliminate my pain and improve my range of motion in a very short time. He even was able to accomodate my schedule by taking me early in the morning and a few times after I got off work later in the evening. Highly Recommend!"


Renee ‎ - Mar, 2012

"Dr. Kauffman has been great with helping me regain use of my frozen shoulder. He is very well informed on everything it takes to get the results needed to make you whole again!"


Jodi ‎ - Mar, 2012

"Dr. Kauffman has helped me tremendously in getting rid of my pain and helping me function more productively every day. He is a great chiropractor, very knowledgable and thorough with his treatment plans. He cares a great deal about his patients' well being."


I.G. ‎ - Apr, 2012

"Dr. Kauffman is the man. He fixed my wrist in half the amount of time that the orthopedist would have. And he didnt even use cortizone! Saved my wrist, and my baseball season. Thanks Doc!" 


G.T. ‎ -  Mar, 2012

"Dr. Kauffman is a caring and knowledgeable Chiropractor - he really cares about his patients and spends as much time as needed to accurately diagnose his patients' problems. By going to see him, my chronic headaches have been drastically reduced to only once or twice per month. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has back or neck problems or anyone who just wants to feel good and stay healthy."





Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, OH. He serves patients in Cincinnati and the areas of Mason Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, West Chester Ohio, and Loveland Ohio.  Please call us today at 513-444-4529 for an appointment with your Loveland Ohio chiropractor, Dr. Kauffman.