4 Holiday Stress-Busting Tips

In today’s blog we are going to give you four stress-busting tips for the holidays.

We are going to get right to it. Our first tip is if you have 12 different things to do and all those things are swirling around your head, it is better just to make a list, write down all those 12 things, and then reorganize that list with the most important thing on top so you get that done first, and then move down your list.

After you make your list and you decide how much time you need for each thing on your list, you want to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room. This is something I always struggle with, that if I have three things that each take a half an hour each, I will give myself an hour and a half to get those done total. But in reality, you should give yourself an hour and 45 minutes or two hours to get those things done. Our next tip is to take 30-second breaks. So if you have your list of 12 things that you need to get done, after you get the first one done, give yourself a little break. Take 30 seconds and do some stretching. Many people hold their stress in their upper trap muscles, which are these muscles on top of your shoulders, or in the muscles of the neck. Stretching these muscles are beneficial and you can quickly do them in 30 seconds. One stretch is for your upper trap muscles, which go from your neck down into your shoulder. For this stretch, you are going to take your right hand, go over and grab your left ear, pull down to the side, and use your other hand to bring your shoulder down. The second stretch is a neck rotation stretch. So for this one, we are targeting the muscles on the side of your neck. And for this stretch, you're just going to rotate as far as you can to one side. Then you are going to use your hand and push it just slightly further. For each of those stretches, you want to do those on both sides and hold them for 15 seconds on each side. Our third tip is to set boundaries. If you already have your list of 12 things to do, and you already have your priorities in order, and then somebody comes to you with another task, if you can not fit it in your list, that is the time to say no. My last stress-busting tip is to seek support. So whether tha is from your friends, coworkers, or your neighbors, or you need some support from us, we provide chiropractic care and massage for your stress as well. For appointments you can schedule online at https://chiro.kauffmanchiropractic.com/scheduling-options