Alternatives to Medicine for Tension Headaches

Tension type headaches will affect 70% of the population at some time. They are the most common type of headaches we see in our office on a daily basis.

Usually tension headaches affect the base of the skull and the top of the neck. The headaches can also radiate or spread to the forehead or the temples. They are most commonly on both sides but can affect one side at a time. Most people who suffer from these headaches feel that they worsen through the day.

What treatments are available? The most used treatment for tension headaches is the use of NSAIDs such as acetaminophen and ibuprohen. The issue with these medications is side effects. Most people find these to be easily accessible and a “quick fix” and don’t think about the consequences. However, over 16,000 people are reported to die every year from intestinal bleeding linked to NSAID usage.

Some of the best alternatives to the sometimes dangerous medications used in the treatment of tension headaches are massage and chiropractic care. In 2015 a study showed that Thai Massage was beneficial compared to a popular medication for headaches. A 2016 study showed that chiropractic care along with manual therapy techniques (similar to what we use in our practice on a daily basis) not only reduced the pain associated with tension headaches but actually improved the quality of life for people suffering from these headaches.


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