Are you sitting wrong

Many of us are sitting at desks in front of computer screens for hours a day, even up to ten or twelve hours at a time. If you have the option to alternate sitting and standing (with a standing desk) we recommend you do so. If you are stuck with sitting please do yourself a favor and take lots of breaks (ideally every 30-45 minutes). Check out a review of standing desks at

If you do have to sit for a prolonged amount of time, it’s important you have the best posture possible. Is it possible you are SITTING WRONG? First, you want your chair raised up so that your hips are at least even with, or above the level of your knees. Second, you want your wrists level with your keyboard. And lastly (and most importantly) the middle to the top third of your monitor should be directly at eye level. *** Most people have their monitors WAY TO LOW.

Please take just a few minutes to check out how you are sitting, and make changes!

If you know someone else who sits all day at work, please forward this on to them and spread the information. Also, we are never too busy to help your friends, co-workers, or family in pain. Please have them call us at 513-444-4529 if they need our help.

See your Loveland, Oh Chiropractor, Dr. Kauffman for all your back and neck pain treatment. We specialize in ergonomics in Loveland and Cincinnati.

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