Avoid yard work injuries this spring

It’s spring once again and what better place to be than in your garden? While a seemingly tame activity, all that bending, squatting, digging, crouching, and lifting involved in gardening can do a number on your back, neck, shoulder or wrists.

There are good ways to go about gardening and yard work, and some not so good. Some things to avoid would be repetitive movements (like in mulching, digging etc) without frequent breaks. Taking a break every 10 – 15 minutes for these types of rigorous tasks can reduce your risk of injury.

These smart steps can help keep the fun in your gardening experience: Warm up. Zealous gardening can take its toll on your body. Especially if you’re not conditioned. Stretch the areas you’ll be using most to help prevent injury. Vary movements and positions. It’s easy to become lost in concentration while planting that bulb just right. Make a point to reposition your posture, stretch, or walk around a bit in between tasks. Kneel when possible, instead of bending or leaning. Many times a knee pad when kneeling makes a big difference. Be mindful of your body! Pay attention to what your body is telling you when working outdoors.

If you find yourself or a friend in pain due to a gardening or yard-work injury it’s likely we can help. Whether it’s a sprain, strain, disc bulge, or compressed nerve, we can take a look and tell you if chiropractic care can help.


Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland Ohio and serves patients in the greater Cincinnati area. To find out more about your Loveland Chiropractor see http://www.kauffmanchiropractic.com

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    Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, OH. Patients travel from all over Cincinnati and the Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions to seek our uniquely effective care.