Chiropractic and Wellness Care

Wellness care: What are the benefits of getting chiropractic care when you have no symptoms? Well the list is long… this list includes only some of the benefits of wellness chiropractic care according to a review of scientific research by Dr. Hannon D.C. This list ONLY includes benefits of chiropractic care for generally healthy people with no symptoms.

  • improved range of motion of the joints of the spine

  • improved range of motion of the hip joints with adjustments of the neck

  • increased strength of leg musculature (quadriceps) with low back adjustments

  • stimulation of the immune system so you can fight infection (increased respiratory burst, higher response of PMN and monocytes, and TNF production) with chiropractic adjustments

  • regulation of the autonomic nervous system and stress reduction (decreased circulating cortisol levels) with chiropractic adjustments

  • improved lung function with mid-back chiropractic adjustments

  • the list continues


Chiropractic and wellness go hand in hand. Regular chiropractic care can not only get you out of pain safely and effectively, but it can also keep you out of pain. We want you to be functioning at your fullest capacity all the time. If you are feeling good and you want to keep feeling good, chiropractic can help. To learn more about the chiropractic wellness care at Kauffman Chiropractic click here.


reference: Hanon SM. Objective Physiologic Changes and Associated Health Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments in Asymptomatic Subjects: A Review of the Literature. J. Vertebral Subluxation Res. 2004.


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