Does CBD work?

Does CBD work?

First, what is CBD? Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a compound found in hemp. It is reported to have wide-ranging beneficial health effects. There are receptors throughout the body for these compounds, which means there is potential for affecting cells all throughout the body.

What about CBD creams? There is not much evidence behind topical CBD usage. While some CBD does get absorbed through the skin, it is unlikely to have an effect on pain. Most creams with CBD also have components like menthol and camphor which have been used for decades for topical pain relief. When comparing pain relief creams with and without CBD, most studies show no difference in the amount of pain relief provided. There are very few side effects reported with CBD creams, so if you're already using one, you are unlikely to have any ill-effects from it.

How about taking CBD capsules? There is much more research on taking CBD orally, and there is much more research to come as well. The common ailments CBD oil may help according to recent research include anxiety, PTSD, and sleep disorders. There are also studies showing beneficial effects for patients with Parkinson's disease and seizures. Most studies showing positive benefits used high doses of CBD oil. Many of the products sold have only 5% or less of the amounts used in the studies we referenced here. The product we stock in the office (Tru Ease) is a highly absorbed formulation with 25mg per capsule. Many other products advertised have just 1-2mg per capsule with poor absorption. There is also a huge market for fake CBD products (containing absolutely no CBD), so be careful with what you purchase!

The research is ever-changing for CBD products as their popularity has increased dramatically in the last couple of years, so stay tuned.

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