Does chiropractic wellness care really work?

Chiropractic wellness care is all about finding the little issues and correcting those before they become big issues. So does it really work?

A recent article in the journal Spine by two medical doctors, took a group of patients with chronic lower back pain and they divided those into two groups. (Chronic back pain is pain that has lasted longer than six months) The first group of patients received chiropractic care for just one month. The second group received chiropractic care for a month, plus an additional adjustment every two weeks from that point on, for another nine months. At the end of the study, they looked at the pain and disability questionnaires from both patient groups and they found that the group who also received the maintenance care adjustments every two weeks for those additional nine months were the ones that held onto their decreased pain and disability scores.

There is another research article which also has two groups of patients. One group has chronic lower back pain and they only got treated when they were experiencing extra symptoms. The second group of patients all were receiving ongoing maintenance chiropractic care. They did this trial for an entire year and they found that at the end of the year the group that received maintenance chiropractic care had fourteen more days without pain compared to the other group who only received chiropractic care when they were experiencing extra symptoms.

If you think wellness care is right for you or if you have any additional questions about wellness care we would love to hear from you.