Does what you eat really make a difference in how much pain you have?

Chiropractors, nutritionists, and naturopaths have been touting the effects of good nutrition on pain for years. The research is catching up, and what is it saying? Proper nutrition is key in recovering from painful injuries and chronic pain. So what should you eat while you’re in pain?

According to a new article published in 2012 in the medical journal PAIN, there are certain substances in food that really make a difference. First and foremost decreasing the omega 6/3 ratio is of utmost importance. You can do this by eating fish high in omega 3 fatty acids, eating flax seeds, or taking an omega 3 fatty acid supplement. Another great tasting pain fighter is tart cherries. Tart cherries (or tart cherry juice) may help with pain associated with inflammation according to the same article.

One of the theories of why people have CHRONIC PAIN is because of a phenomenon called central sensitization. When this occurs, even seemingly insignificant things like someone brushing up against you or tapping you hard on the shoulder can bring on some real pain. Magnesium supplements may be able to help reverse this state of chronic pain by counteracting the effects of central sensitization.

All pain patients that come to Kauffman Chiropractic for treatment of their painful condition will also receive information on nutrition for their condition.

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