How much does chiropractic care cost

How much does chiropracti care cost? This is a common question with an easy answer. Probably a lot less than you would think! Most of the therapies we offer are between $10 and $35, and the chiropractic treatment fees range from $45-$57. Also, almost all insurance companies have some kind of chiropractic coverage.


Most insurance companies have a contracted rate with the chiropractic office. For example, if a charge is sent to the insurance company for $50 for a treatment, the insurance company will re-price this amount to their contracted rate with the chiropractic office, let’s say for $30. This means that even if your insurance company doesn’t pay anything to the chiropractic office, you are only responsible for paying $30 for that treatment.


What if you don’t have insurance or don’t have coverage? We literally see hundreds of patients without insurance. This is because we have very reasonable fees for chiropractic treatments. Most of the therapies we offer are between $10 and $35, and the treatment fees for chiropractic adjustments range from $45-$57 (current as of 2017).


An evaluation of cost to treat lower back pain was done to find out the difference between medical cost and chiropractic cost. What they found was that for the average case, chiropractic users spent 40% less overall on their care. Oh, and with better outcomes too!


If you are hesitating to get treatment because of cost, please call us to find out an estimate of what a treatment would cost you, it’s likely less than you would think.




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