If you are a parent and your kid uses a tablet for school, this blog is for you!

If you notice your kid is slouching over their iPad or their tablet in a forward hunched over position, and they are in that position for a prolonged amount of time, you know that is not going to be good for their spine

That kind of forward slouched posture is going to cause more upper back tension, more neck tension, potentially headaches, and a loss of focus too. The short-term fix would be to take the tablet and bring it up to eye level so that you can have good posture while you are looking straight forward at the tablet. So if you are in this position for just a couple of minutes, no big deal, but if you need to look at your tablet for a half an hour or more, holding your tablet up is going to get very tiresome. So let's talk about a couple other positions we can try instead.

One option is to prop your tablet up on a stack of textbooks. This way the tablet is in a better position so you can sit upright and look directly at your tablet. Another option is to lay down with your tablet in your hands in front of you. This actually props your neck up in a pretty good position so that you are not looking down, you are looking straight up at the tablet. If you're going to be on your tablet for about an hour, I would recommend that you hold it upright for about 10 minutes until you get tired, and then lay down with it for about 20 minutes, and then sit with it propped up on some textbooks for the last half hour.

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