Is Chiropractic care right for kids?

In today's blog I am going to be answering the question "Is Chiropractic care right for kids?"

Is chiropractic care right for kids?

One of the major premises of chiropractic care is that if there is nerve interference in the body that can cause symptoms and dysfunction. The most common symptoms would be things like back pain and neck pain.

That nerve interference can cause a whole host of other symptoms besides back pain and neck pain, including poor posture, headaches, stiffness, poor sleep, and mental fatigue.

So, even though your child might not complain of back pain or neck pain, they might have one of the other symptoms that is caused by nerve interference that chiropractic care can help with.

One of the questions that I get asked pretty frequently is if I adjust my own kids and the answer is yes. I have three little boys and I adjust them on a regular basis, usually about once a month.

If you want more information about chiropractic care for kids, there's an article with a link below that you can check out.