Is decompression right for you?

Is spinal decompression therapy right for you?

Do you have shooting pain radiating down your arm or leg? Keep reading to find out if decompression therapy is right for you. Throughout the day the pressure of gravity pushes down on our spine and causes compression in between our vertebra.

The disc is a squishy material right between the vertebra and  when we have enough compression that disc can bulge. When the pressure pushes on the disc enough, that causes the disc to bulge back towards the nerve. When the disc bulges back towards the nerve with enough pressure all at once, a herniation can occur. When the herniation of the disc comes back and presses on the nerve, that nerve pressure can give you sciatica or radiating pain. This pressure can give you shooting pain or numbness down your leg or shooting pain or numbness down your arm, depending if it happens in the neck or in the lower back.

The goal with the decompression table is to take that compressed squished disc and open up those spaces so that we have more room between the vertebrae, and the disc material can shrink back into where it should be and take pressure off of the nerves again. To achieve that during decompression therapy we set the decompression machine with the number of pounds that we want to pull down on the lumbar spine or up on the cervical spine and when the rope pulls, it decompresses the spine and opens up those spaces between the vertebra.

We've been using decompression therapy for over 10 years. We use the Triton decompression table by Chattanooga, and we've seen amazing results with this. We have had patients who were recommended surgery elect not to go that route because the decompression table works so well for them. We have seen patients with severe chronic neck pain and back pain with radiating pain down their arms and legs be resolved by using the decompression table.

Kauffman Chiropractic is located in Loveland, Ohio and has helped thousands of patients get rid of their pain. If you have been experiencing radiating pain or if you are interested in finding out if decompression or chiropractic care might be right for you, please give us a call at (513) 444-4529 to schedule a new patient appointment.

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