Lets talk about vitamin D the sunshine vitamin

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Let’s talk about vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin!

Is it possible to get enough vitamin D from the sun only? Can you get all you need from food? What about supplements? Why do I need it?

Vitamin D is needed for you to survive, which is why it is included as an essential vitamin. It primarily helps with bone health and osteoporosis. It also acts as a hormone in your body and regulates certain parts of your DNA that may help prevent cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, and autoimmune problems. So, can you get enough from the sun? YES you can. 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight to your face and arms is enough to produce the right amount of vitamin D per day. And don’t worry, you can’t get an overdose by staying in the sun too long, just a sunburn. For us here in Ohio, and most of the country except the most southern states, we can only benefit from this in the summer months. So as the fall approaches start thinking about a Vitamin D supplement.

Can you get all you need from food? Well… yes… but… you probably don’t. Most vitamin D is found in fortified milk products, fatty fish like salmon, some mushrooms, and other animal products like liver. Most of us don’t get the now recommended over 800 IU of vitamin D per day through food. This is where supplementation comes in to play (in the fall, winter and spring). And remember, not all supplements are created equally. At Kauffman Chiropractic we only offer the supplements that we know have exactly what they say they have on the bottle.


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