Love Your Spine!

As February rolls in, our office introduces a new theme for the month: "Love Your Spine!" It is a timely reminder of the importance of caring for our spine, a vital component of our body that often goes unnoticed until problems arise.

Over time, all of the joints of our body take some wear and tear. Sometimes resulting in surgery. We hear of hip replacements and knee replacements all of the time for the hips and the knees. However, there is no such thing as a full spine replacement. The reason there is no full spine replacement surgery is because the spine consists of 24 different individual vertebrae that all have to move correctly, one on top of the other, with a disc in between of each vertebra. There are spinal surgeries that can be done, such as lumbar fusions, laminectomies, or discectomies, those involve one, two, or three segments of the spine, but none of those include all 24 vertebrae of your spine. Because there are no spine replacements, that is why our theme this month is to love your spine. This month, let’s focus on things you can do to improve your spinal health. You can love your spine by doing things like paying attention to your posture, daily yoga, Pilates classes, or treating yourself to massage therapy. All of those are ways you can love your spine. If you want to take it a step further, we offer chiropractic care in our office. With chiropractic care, we can evaluate the entire spine, and treat any individual vertebra that is not moving correctly, and enhance that movement with chiropractic adjustments. If you would like to learn more about chiropractic care, please visit our website at If you would like to learn more about how massage therapy can help you love your spine visit our video blog How Massage Therapy Can Help With Back Pain or if you are curious about how you can cure back pain all naturally, visit our video blog What's an All Natural Way To Cure Back Pain.