Loveland chiropractor treats headaches

Here is a story of a recent patient (we will call her Sarah). Sarah started having headaches 10 years ago. She had migraines on occasion, and daily tension headaches for years. She would take medication like ibuprofen to dull the pain. Some days were worse than others, but she was still able to manage her life.


Her husband was reading an article about how this Loveland chiropractor could help reduce headaches. He had been to a chiropractor before and had good results for other issues, so he told her to give it a try. Sarah went to the chiropractor and had an evaluation and her first adjustment. She wasn’t sure if it was going to work. She was a little timid about having her neck cracked. But she went back for a second visit, and a third. By the end of the third visit she had no headaches for two days straight for the first time in years.


She found hope.


She continued chiropractic care for her headaches for the next year, maintaining her progress and successfully keeping the majority of her headaches at bay. Then, she got used to not having headaches. She even forgot about them for over a year and stopped chiropractic care. Her stress at work started to build again and more stress at home too. She started to feel tension in her neck and of course, a headache followed. Sarah dealt with it for about 2 weeks, then remembered how good she felt when she got chiropractic adjustments for her headaches, so she went back to the chiropractor and got an adjustment and didn’t feel any better and wondered if it would work this time around.


The next day her headache was about half as intense, and the following day about a quarter as much. She knew the adjustments were working for her again and returned to the chiropractor for complete relief over the next week.


This is a common story we hear. If you have someone in your life who suffers from headaches, see if chiropractic care will work like it did for Sarah.

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