Massage and Chiropractic – a great pair

Don’t massage therapists and chiropractors basically do the same thing? Why would I go to one over the other? Why would I go to both? Read on! 

First of all, chiropractors and massage therapists are not in conflict, and their treatments actually complement each other very well. Often times with muscular and joint-related issues of the back, neck, shoulder, and other joints, a combination of massage and chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial. A massage can often times relieve muscular pain and relax muscle fibers. This in turn can help the chiropractic adjustment work even more effectively.

Massage can help relieve muscle tension, and improve the healing process as more blood flow is often found in the treated areas after a massage. An increase in blood flow will bring healing nutrients to the area, and take away the cellular waste that builds in injured tissues. This can help with issues such as neck pain, headaches, back aches, rotator cuff injuries, elbow, and hip pain, and many other issues (many of the issues that chiropractors also treat). Co-treatment with massage and chiropractic can lead to faster recovery times for these musculoskeletal complaints.

Dr. Kauffman works hand in hand with the massage therapists at Kauffman Chiropractic in Loveland, OH. Please visit our massage page to learn more. /chiropractic/20934-massage


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    Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, OH. Patients travel from all over Cincinnati and the Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions to seek our uniquely effective care.