October is National Chiropractic Awareness Month

October is National Chiropractic Awareness Month and this year's theme is "Relieve, Restore, Resume." The team here at Kauffman Chiropractic are joining the American Chiropractic Association and other Doctors of Chiropractic across the United States to bring attention to how common the impact of chronic pain is and the benefits of chiropractic’s non-drug approach to pain management. 

In the United States one in five adults experience chronic pain, most commonly in adults 65 and older. New cases of chronic pain occur more frequently than new cases of other chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The most common cause of chronic pain is low back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, joint pain and headaches.

Chronic low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common conditions for which opioids are prescribed. If you are in pain, chiropractic care can be an alternative to over the counter and prescription pain medications. Chiropractors are doctors who are trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal complaints with effective treatments such as spinal manipulation. They use a hands-on, non-drug approach to treating chronic pain. Research shows opioids do not provide clinically meaningful pain relief for people with chronic back pain. Groups like the CDC & the American College of Physicians recommend patients try non-drug options such as chiropractic care first. By addressing the root cause of the pain, rather than masking it with medication, chiropractors help patients achieve long-lasting pain relief.

At Kauffman Chiropractic we take a personalized approach to patient care. We assess each individual’s unique needs and design a treatment plan that addresses those specific concerns, offering a customized approach for your health and wellness. National Chiropractic Awareness Month is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the holistic, patient-centered approach of chiropractic care. With its focus on pain relief, improved mobility, enhanced well-being, and preventative care, chiropractic care has made a significant impact on countless lives. Please share this blog post with anyone you know with chronic pain. It may lead to your friend or family member finding new treatment options and preventing unnecessary long-term prescriptions or even surgeries. Together we can create a more informed, compassionate and supportive community!