Proper Lifting Techniques

Proper Lifting Techniques

Why talk about proper lifting? It is important to know how to lift and bend properly in order to prevent spinal injuries. Why learn about it from a chiropractor? Chiropractic school includes many classroom hours on back safety, ergonomics, biomechanics, and posture. Chiropractors are often referred to as back doctors because of the spinal education and spinal care we provide.

What is the key to safe bending?

As you probably have heard, bending should be done with your knees not your back. But there is a little more to it. Any forward flexion of your body should come from your hip joints and not the joints of the back. You can make sure that this happens by keeping your low back (lumbar spine) as flat as possible when you bend over. If the joints of your low back are put into flexion instead of your hips (if your low back is bent instead of flat), the discs of your low back must take on a lot of the force of bending. This can lead to pain, spasm, achiness and soreness in the low back.

What is the key to safe lifting?

Keep whatever you are lifting as close to your body as possible. The force on your low back is generally more if you pick up a light object that is far away from the center of your body than a heavy object closer to your body! For example, if you pick up a can of soda 20 inches from your body the force on your lumbar spine is greater than if you pick up a 30 pound dumbbell that is right in front of your feet. Therefore, it is important - whether the object is big or small, light or heavy - to keep it close to you while you lift it.

To the best of your ability always move your feet close to the object you are picking up, bend with your knees, keep your back flat, and lift with ease!


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