Sitting in the car

The ergonomics of driving

We all know that seatbelts are important because they can help reduce our chances of severe injury in an auto accident. Another important point of safety in the car is to have the headrest at the correct height. Many cars come with the headrest in the lowest position, right on top of the seat. Whiplash injuries are very common in car accidents. As the head comes back during a whiplash, if the headrest is too low the head can get pushed up over the seat and cause severe neck injury. It should be placed directly behind the head to allow for the least amount of neck injury in a car accident.

Driving can be damaging to the spine even without being in a car accident however. Driving in general is not good for the spine because it does not allow for motion of the spine. Also, in sedans the seat is usually too low. If there is room to raise the seat in a sedan so the hip is more in line with the knee this can prevent back pain.

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