Steps to take for a sprained ankle by Loveland Chiropractor

When you sprain your ankle what do you usually do for it? Walk it off? You may be setting yourself up for pain down the road. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that the pain doesn’t last too long, and also prevent future ankle sprains.

Step 1: RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate.

Keep your feet up when at rest. Keeping your feet up will allow the blood to flow more easily back to the heart, which can reduce swelling of the ankles. Use ice frequently. Ice for 10-20 minutes at a time multiple times a day to allow for the inflammation to reduce and the pain to subside. Use a compressive brace, or have your ankle taped by a qualified professional. This adds support as well as helps to reduce swelling.

Step 2: After a few days, it’s time to move.

A few days after a sprain it is smart to begin moving the ankle again. Moving the ankle side to side and up and down will allow the blood to start flowing regularly again and you can prevent future stiffness by getting motion into it early on. Another great way to mobilize it is to get it adjusted. Adjustments are not only safe, but effective in mobilizing the ankle just after a sprain occurs.

Step 3: Start to rehab it

Ankle rehabilitation includes using elastic bands or weights to add resistance to ankle mobilizations. More resistance can be added after the ankle gets stronger over a few weeks of doing these exercises. Balancing on an uneven surface or wobble boards will help the smaller muscles in the foot and ankle to turn on and get stronger as well. Wait until there is no pain and no swelling and the ankle is strong again before going back to full exercise. This is how you can prevent future sprains.

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