Stretches to Prevent Back Pain

Stretches to prevent back pain

How important is stretching? Stretching becomes more important the older you get. As the joints of the back and the hips start to degenerate over time stiffness can occur, which leads to poor function, which leads to pain.

When should I stretch? You will get the most out of stretching AFTER exercise. Exercise will bring your heart rate up and bring more blood to your muscles. When your muscles are warm and loose you will get the most out of stretching. Many people stretch before exercise, but little can be gained from this. It has been found that stretching before exercise generally does not reduce risk of injury and does not improve athletic performance. If you don’t exercise regularly, make sure you at least warm up a little before you stretch.

What are the best stretches for preventing back pain? The types of stretches that are beneficial for preventing back pain include hamstring stretches, and spinal stretches. Two easy spinal stretches can be found here: /article/low-back-stretches-2 The best way to stretch the hamstrings is pictured below. A bath towel is a great tool to use for this stretch. Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds on each side.

hamstring stretch





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