The Mediterranean Diet… What is it and why is it so great?

 The Mediterranean diet combines a lot of the good nutritional advice that most nutritional experts agree upon. The diet is high in fiber, whole grains, fruits and veges, fish and lean meats, olive oil, nuts and seeds, and spices and herbs. The diet is lower in processed foods, red meat, dairy, salt, and sweets. And if you drink alcohol make it red wine. That is the diet in a nutshell (no pun intended). Another key to this type of diet is to eat small meals throughout the day – 5 or 6 instead of 3 or 4. These should be small meals, not supersized, not snacks, just small meals.

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?

  1. Easy to follow – most diets don’t work because they are not followed

  2. Reduction of heart disease risk – high amounts of good fats and low amounts of saturated fats can help heart health

  3. Decreased weight – by eating more small meals, you remain full and don’t overeat

  4. Decreased waist circumference – eating small meals and foods that reduce inflammation can help reduce waist circumference

  5. Decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressures – diet is a major factor in hypertension

  6. Decreased plasma triglycerides – another risk factor of heart disease can be reduced with this diet



If you have questions about the diet or are interested in our nutritional programs or weight loss programs please call our office at 513-444-4529 or learn more at /chiropractic/20859-nutrition. Our weight loss program at Kauffman Chiropractic often involves the use of the Mediterranean diet along with other supplements to benefit your health and well being.




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