The number one posture mistake people make.

The number one posture mistake people make.

For every new patient we see at Kauffman Chiropractic we do a posture analysis. We use a posture screening tool where we take a photo of the front view and the side view of a patient's posture. This allows Dr. Kauffman to have an objective view of what's going on with the patient's posture. The number one issue we see with a patient’s posture is called forward head posture. If you look at somebody from the side and their head is tipped forward, that is what we consider forward head posture. The middle of someone's ear should line up with the middle of their shoulder.

On this first photo, we are showing you what bad posture looks like. You can see Dr. Kauffman’s head going forward quite a bit. As you can see on the posture analysis, it says Dr. Kauffman’s head weighs approximately 17 pounds and has shifted 3.3 inches forward at 19 degrees off of vertical. Making his effective head weight 66 pounds instead of the 17 that it started at. This is because of his forward head posture angle.

The second photo here shows you what good posture should look like, where we have the middle of the ear lining up directly with the middle of the shoulder, and there is no extra pressure getting put on his neck or his upper back.

For our posture tip of the day… If you have forward head posture, you do not want to bring your shoulders back to get good posture. Just bringing your shoulders back is still going to leave your head forward and still in a bad forward head posture position. So instead of bringing your shoulders back, we want to think of a string that is connected to the ceiling and to a button on your shirt. Imagine that string is pulling your chest directly up towards the ceiling. If we are going from this forward head posture, and that string is pulling us up, that is going to bring our head back into alignment, and our shoulders are going to fall into the right position. If you or someone you know would like to get a new patient appointment and get a posture screening done, you can just click here.