Veterans with Neck Pain

A recent article published in the October 2011 issue of JMPT (chiropractic's leading research journal) showed that chiropractic care helped veterans with chief complaints of neck pain enough to provide clinically meaningful benefits. This study was conducted on 54 veterans and over an average of about nine visits, there were beneficial results seen in most of the patients. So why am I reporting on this article today? I provided chiropractic services to the veterans at the VA Medical Center in St. Louis during my internship in chiropractic school. There were numerous veteran patients that I was able to help reduce or eliminate their pain with chiropractic adjustments. The adjustment is an incredibly powerful way to improve the body's function and help decrease pain at the same time. It's all natural, it works, and it's very cost effective. That is why many VA hospitals throughout the country are including chiropractic care in their treatment of veterans.

To learn more about veterans benefiting from chiropractic care click here.

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