Wellness Care for Back Pain

This blog is all about wellness care for back pain. Wellness care is all about getting treated while you feel good to make sure that you stay that way. In this blog we are talking about wellness care specifically for back pain and back stiffness and we are going to explain why routine wellness care makes so much sense.

Back stiffness sets in over time. So if your back is getting stiffer over time, that stiffness is going to continue to get worse until you hit your pain threshold and that stiffness is now being felt as severe pain and discomfort. Once you reach your pain threshold and decide to get chiropractic care, you get treated and things start to do better, then your pain and stiffness are going to go away. But now if you go back to sitting at your desk too long with poor posture, your pain and stiffness is going to spike up again until you hit that point of severe pain again. Now that you are in extreme pain again you get treated again, sometimes multiple times a week until your pain goes away again. Now imagine a scenario where your pain and stiffness has increased until the point of significant pain, and then you get chiropractic treatment and the pain diminishes. But now you come in for chiropractic wellness care to keep your back aligned and keep you in a healthy state, so that when your back starts to stiffen up because you have been sitting too long again, now you get treated routinely so your stiffness is reduced and you never go over your pain threshold. By addressing stiffness before it progresses to pain, routine treatments can help to keep pain and discomfort at bay. The ultimate goal? Preventing stiffness from escalating to debilitating pain ever again. We want to maintain this wellness kind of treatment so that your back pain does not come back. If you have endured the agony of back pain, you understand the urgency of avoiding its return. We offer wellness chiropractic care so we can help treat you when you are experiencing minor symptoms like stiffness (or no symptoms) instead of waiting until you are in excruciating pain. If you are seeking a proactive solution to back pain in Loveland, OH, Dr. Kauffman's wellness chiropractic care could be the answer you've been looking for! So give us a call at (513) 444-4529 if you're interested in wellness care.