What is the cause of your back pain?

What is the cause of your back pain?

Many people don’t realize the multitude of conditions that can lead to back pain. It is important to know the underlying cause of your back pain to get the right treatment. Here is a short list of causes of back pain that you may or may not have known about: arthritis, intervertebral disc sprain or herniation, vertebral fracture, bone cancer, meningitis, muscle strains, ligament sprains, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, kidney stones, and many others.

That being said let’s take a look at the most common reasons for back pain: the joints, the muscles, and the discs. The majority of back pain that is mechanical in nature has involvement of the sacroiliac joint. This joint is actually in your pelvis, not technically your low back. However, this is where a lot of “back pain” arises. Another common cause of back pain is muscle spasm or muscle tension. This tension can reside in the actual muscles of the back, or other muscles that may connect to the back but also attach to your ribs, hips, or pelvis. Also, the disc (the tissue that acts as a spacer between the vertebrae of your back) can be a major player in back pain. This pain can be mild to extreme, and depends on the individual and how badly the disc is injured.

Who can help to heal all of these most common reasons for back pain? Your friendly chiropractor of course! Between the chiropractic adjustment (manipulation), physiotherapy, rehabilitation, proper nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle advice, we can help reverse the pain in your back whether it stems from the joints, the muscles, the ligaments, or the disc.

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