When to Stretch to get maximum benefit


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When should I stretch to get the most out of my stretches?

You know you should be stretching consistently, but you're not really sure how long you should stretch and what time of the day might be the best time to stretch. If I could pick one perfect time for you to stretch throughout the day, it would be directly after exercise. Let's say you go out for a jog, a swim, or a bike ride. The minute you're done, sit down and do some stretches. At that point, your muscles are going to be the most oxygenated. They're going to have the most blood flow into those areas so that you get the most out of your stretches right after exercise.

We generally recommend dynamic stretching, light short duration stretches, or just a good warm up before exercise, then a deep stretch after exercise. This will give you the most benefit from your exercise routines.

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