Why do we have so much back pain?

Why do we have so much back pain?

In today’s blog I am going to be answering the question, “Why do we have so much back pain?”

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One of the top three reasons that people see their physicians is due to back pain. Back pain is also the number one reason that we see patients in our chiropractic office. The reason we deal with so much back pain is because of how our spines are constructed . As the pressure of gravity builds up throughout our spine,that gravity will pull down and it will create more pressure down at the bottom of your lumbar spine. We see most of that pressure in the lower 3 discs of your spine..

So this is what your lumbar vertebra looked like. There is a vertebra on the top and bottom and the disc in between. So over time, the pressure of gravity builds up, and that disc starts to get squished between the two vertebrae. When that disc gets squished, so do the facet joints in the back and so can the nerve on the side.

When we get compression in our lower backs, the vertebrae squish together, which causes more compression in the disc, which can cause pain. We can also experience pain from compression in the joints, or you can experience pain from the nerve getting squished. That causes some of the worst pain I have seen as a chiropractor. The nerve being squished may also cause you to experience a sharp shooting pain, frequently experienced down your leg, which we call sciatica. With chiropractic care, we have several different ways of decompressing the spine, opening up those spaces where the discs are and eliminating that pain. If you'd like to learn more about our treatments check out the “treatment” tab on our website or click here.