Why neck pain can lead to sharp headaches

Do you ever get headaches that seemed to start from the back and top of your head, travel down into the top of your neck? Or maybe they go the opposite direction and go from the top of your neck, right back into your head? Let's find out why that happens, what structures are involved, and what kind of treatments are available in order to help those headaches.


There is a nerve called the greater occipital nerve, it goes all the way through the back of the head and through the side of the head, and comes down and connects into the middle of the neck. With that connection, there's quite a few muscles that are right next to all those nerve roots going right into the middle of the neck.

There are four different muscles that can cause pressure into the greater occipital nerve. All those muscles connect from the neck into the back of the head, or from the lower neck into the middle of the neck. One of the best treatment options for tension in those muscles that can cause nerve tension and cause headaches, is called myofascial release. What we do is specific stretches into those muscles, and we work on specific trigger points to relieve tension, and if we're taking tension off the muscles and tension off the nerves, then that can relieve the headaches that go from the neck into the head.

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