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This is what our patients say about us:


This is what the research says about chiropractic care:

Neck Pain research:

1. A prospective, multicenter, cohort  long term study examined the clinical outcomes and adverse events for 529 subjects, representing 4,891 treatments for neck pain by chiropractors.

By the 2nd visit a significant decrease in symptoms was observed in patients receiving chiropractic care. No serious adverse side effects reported.

2. In a randomized controlled trial of 183 patients, the researchers compared chiropractic care vs. physical therapy vs. medical care.

Patients receiving manual therapy (chiropractic care) felt better, had fewer absences from work and used statistically significantly less analgesics than patients receiving physical therapy or continued medical care.  Learn more about neck pain treatment here.

Back Pain research:

1. A 2004 study compared standard medical care to standard chiropractic care for lower back pain in 1943 patients.

The authors stated “In terms of relative effectiveness, chiropractic care demonstrated advantage over medical care for chronic patients in the first year, particularly for those with leg pain radiating below the knee.”

2. In a trial 1,170 patients with unresolving subacute lower back pain, receiving chiropractic care was more beneficial than pain medication or exercise. Learn more about back pain treatment here.



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Back Pain 2. Adapted from the UK BEAM TRIAL,United Kingdom back pain exercise and manipulation (UK BEAM) randomised trial:  effectiveness of physical treatments for back pain in primary care. (BMJ 2004;329;1381)