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Cincinnati Chiropractor | Keeping you in the Game

Keeping you in the game

Many of our patients come to our clinic to get back to playing sports and exercising after an injury. Whether its golf, tennis, basketball, yoga, or swimming, normal body mechanics are required. We have all had injuries or painful conditions that prevented us from our normal activity, but when it interferes with exercise it can lead to a downward spiral of inactivity. We have seen too many cases of back pain that leads to inactivity that leads to muscle weakness, weight gain, and further pain and inactivity. This can be a vicious cycle. It’s important, whether you’re a weekend warrior, a daily jogger, or an elite athlete, to get back to activity as soon as possible after an injury is healed.  

Here are a couple of great examples of how chiropractic has helped the best in the world stay in their sports…

"Chiropractic was the key to keeping me in the game" - Jerry Rice
Jerry Rice had one of the longest and most successful careers in NFL history, playing for 20 years straight, and holding over 100 NFL records, including most NFL touchdown receptions in a career. Chiropractic care helped keep him on the field well past the average career of an NFL player (which is only 3-6 years). He credits a lot of his ability to recover from injuries on the field to his chiropractic care.

John Isner (top ranked American tennis player) talks about his chiropractor after winning the Miami Open: "It's not anything that he did [Isner’s chiropractor, Dr. Cordial] this week. It's what he's done through the course of the six years that we have been together," Isner said. "And I have been very healthy for six years, as well, I will knock on wood. That is in large part to him: adjusting, putting this machine on me, or massage. It's everything. There is so much that goes into it."

See his full press conference:

Whether its keeping the top athletes in the world at their best, or helping the weekend golfer on the course for another couple of years, chiropractic can help athletes in many areas. Back pain is one of the most common and debilitating of the sports injuries, which chiropractic is suited to treat more effectively than most other modalities, including medications like NSAIDS and opiods. Other common sports injuries chiropractors treat are shoulder sprains, hip strains, tennis elbow, and whiplash injuries in contact sports like football and hockey. If you need a consultation concerning a sports injury or other aches and pains keeping you from your normal exercise, call your Cincinnati chiropractor at 513-444-4529.


Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, OH. He serves patients in Cincinnati and the areas of Mason Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, West Chester Ohio, and Loveland Ohio. Please call us today at 513-444-4529 for an appointment with your Loveland Ohio chiropractor, Dr. Kauffman.


Chiropractic: A potential alternative to pain medication

Chiropractic: A potential alternative to pain medication

October is not only National Chiropractic Health Month, it’s also Chiropractic Awareness Month in Ohio. These designations came about largely due to the opiod epidemic. Opiods are responsible for 2 deaths PER DAY in Cincinnati alone. The fact is that many times patients with back and neck pain who really should be treated with chiropractic care, instead get prescribed opiods which can lead to addiction. This is why it was pushed through the state to make sure awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care are better known, and why Ohioans need chiropractic care now more than ever. Find evidence based chiropractic care in loveland, oh.


See the full article from the Ohio House of Representatives

 In the past five years, there's been a 1,000 percent increase in deaths from synthetic opioids in Hamilton County.


Chiropractic care is a great option for patients who have back and neck pain and have been offered treatments such as medications, or surgeries and are looking for a natural alternative. Chiropractic care is non-invasive and is a very safe treatment option. There have been hundreds of studies to this point showing how effective it is for both acute (recent) and chronic (long term) back and neck pain. Chiropractic care has also shown to be thousands of times safer than common over the counter pain relievers (NSAIDS). Find out more about the side effects of NSAIDS.


Chiropractic care is not the answer to all back and neck pain. It’s simply one very effective and safe treatment option that the majority of patients with back or neck pain need to consider. Both the current governor and the upcoming candidates for governor of Ohio have supported chiropractic care as an important piece of the puzzle in reducing the dependence on opiods and other medications for pain relief. We are in full support of their initiatives to spread the word about awareness of chiropractic care here in Ohio (as well as nationally).


Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, Ohio.


Will My Injury Claim Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

Will my injury claim cover chiropractic treatment?


Many law firms see first-hand the value of chiropractic treatment following an auto accident. Law firms often represent car accident injury victims - victims who were left with sometimes serious injuries caused by the other driver.

A skilled attorney can fight to get these victims a settlement or jury award that takes into account pain and suffering, and all of the financial hardships that come along with it.

I want to see a chiropractor for my injuries, but will the expense be covered?

Typically, expenses related to chiropractic treatment can be covered and reimbursed during an auto accident settlement or lawsuit, though it depends on the state the accident occurs in. It’s possible, however, getting to that point could be an uphill battle. A reputable attorney will understand how to navigate the process so that as much of your chiropractic care is covered as possible, if not all of it.

Seeking a medical evaluation and treatment immediately following an accident is essential for a couple of reasons. First, doing so will help your claim. Even if you believe you do not have any injuries that warrant a trip to the doctor. Later on, insurance companies and courts will want to see what action you took.


Have you considered the mental stress alone of being in the crash? That’s just one thing a doctor will evaluate, and it’s one thing that could increase the total damages you’re eligible for.

Second, some injuries may not show themselves right away but over time they get worse. Whiplash is a common example. Days or weeks after the crash, if you present with symptoms of whiplash it will be harder for insurance companies and a court to accept that it’s connected to your accident. With the passage of time, you could have had plenty of other opportunities to become injured.

Will I have to prove anything?

Chiropractic care can be invaluable for some auto accident victims. Chiropractors can address muscle and joint pain, soft tissue injuries, and promote long-term healing.

Their services are often on-going, lasting many weeks or even months to bring you to a state of complete recovery. Because this expense can mushroom over that time, insurance companies and courts may want to take a closer look at your care.

You’ll need to keep all relevant documentation related to your medical care after an auto accident. Any and all bills from an ambulance ride to a bottle of tylenol to your chiropractor’s co-pay will need to be accounted for.

Especially for your chiropractic records, you’ll want to make sure the chiropractor is detailed in his or her notes. The notes should explain your specific symptoms, the treatment used, and the cost for the visit. If notes are vague and inconclusive then it will be harder to make the claim that the visits were reasonably necessary for your recovery.

Contact a lawyer today to learn the next steps

Legal professionals are ready to help you not only get the care you need but also get the compensation you deserve. Many attorneys have helped auto accident victims just like you - victims who want to recover and get back to their lives. Contact a car accident lawyer Washington D.C. residents trust to get aid today.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Cohen & Cohen, P.C., for their insight into car accident injuries.


All About Tension Headaches


If you or someone you love is suffering from tension headaches you probably know that it’s more than just a pain. These headaches can affect mood and productivity for days. Tension headaches due to poor posture and stress effect over 20% of the population. That means you or at least one of your closest friends will likely suffer from tension headaches.

Many times these headaches come on in the afternoon, maybe after several hours of stress at work, or at home with the stresses of family life. Poor posture is commonly a factor in developing tension headaches as well.

tension headache

Check out our youtube video on how to prevent tension headaches!






A new study shows that not only does chiropractic care and manual therapy (hands on chiropractic and physical therapy methods) reduce pain, but it makes an overall positive affect on the quality of life for people with tension headaches. The researchers found that either chiropractic adjustments or manual therapy can help with tension headaches, but when combined the effect is even greater.

At Kauffman Chiropractic we utilize a combination of chiropractic techniques and manual therapy to help reduce tension headaches quickly and help prevent them from returning. Many times, consultation about workplace habits, ergonomics, the proper use of computers, laptops, and tablets can help prevent these headaches as well. We provide all of this and more at our office. Please check out our video on the basics of tension headaches, as well as how to prevent tension headaches on our youtube channel.


Reference: Do manual therapy techniques have a positive effect on quality of life in people with tension-type headache? A randomized controlled trial. Lopez et al.


Chiropractic care and golf

Why do so many golfers, both professional and amateur seek chiropractic care? To help with pain? Yes. To prevent pain? Yes. To improve performance? You Bet!

Golf is a difficult sport for the body to handle because of the repetitive one-sided rotation. Always rotating in the same direction causes an uneven wear on the joints of the spine, the hips, the shoulders, elbows and wrists too. With all of this wear and tear, pain is almost inevitable. The most common issues that chiropractic care can alleviate for golfers is back and hip pain. Many people may not realize that chiropractic adjustments can help with shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain as well!

For serious golfers, they know prevention is the best medicine. If it’s important for a golfer to be at 100% when stepping on the course, regular chiropractic care can be a vital component of their routine. Many golfers come to our office for regular adjustments every three to four weeks to make sure their biomechanics are corrected before they step on the course to help prevent injuries.

Can chiropractic care really improve your score? Yes. We have had several patients improve their ability to rotate into their swing and improve drive distance. If your hips, pelvis, or lower back joints are stiff and not able to rotate completely your swing will suffer. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown in multiple research studies to improve joint mobility, allowing for more range of motion in the joints adjusted. Muscle flexibility is also a factor in the golf swing. If muscle tension is holding a golfer back from completing a full backswing or follow-through, the shot will suffer. Chiropractic muscle therapy helps to balance muscle tension through the torso and shoulders to improve flexibility.

If you are interested in chiropractic care call us at 513-444-4529 and schedule your first appointment.

Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland, OH. He serves patients in Cincinnati and the areas of Mason Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, West Chester Ohio, and Loveland Ohio. Please call us today at 513-444-4529 for an appointment with your Loveland Ohio chiropractor, Dr. Kauffman.


Unlock your health potential with this key

Unlock your health potential with this key

Your body’s system that helps you stay calm, pain free, mobile, and in good Your Nervous System! Sometimes you just feel “off” or edgy. You may experience acute pain or chronic aching. Perhaps you feel stiff, sluggish or just get sick often. All of this can happen when your spine is misaligned and interferes with the way your nervous system functions! That’s because your nervous system controls every cell in your brain and body. And it’s how your brain communicates with your organs and muscles.

All it takes is one misaligned vertebra that causes the slightest nerve irritation to impair this vital line of communication. The alternative: ignoring the problem and ending up in pain, overly stressed, or with compromised health. Chiropractic care helps ensure that, structurally, nothing is compressing your nerves and causing pain or dysfunction. Adjustments trigger specific responses that promote healthy joint motion, faster healing, and relaxation! Healthy Nerves = Healthier You! With ongoing care, our patients report less overall pain, reduced muscle tension, faster healing, and even better balance and muscle strength.

It’s common that patients in our office experience fairly quick relief from a variety of conditions like back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Chiropractic care has been shown time and time again to help significantly with these issues. Sometimes we also see chiropractic “miracles” wherein a patient who has had restless leg syndrome, a chronic cough, or sinusitis is instantly improved after a chiropractic adjustment. How can this be? The nervous system is the answer. Chiropractic care affects the nervous system, brain and spinal cord included, with each adjustment. There are no guarantees in healthcare, or chiropractic care either. However, if your nervous system isn’t working at 100% because of a dysfunction in your spine, your health will suffer until you receive the proper care. Call us today if you are interested in a free consultation. 513-444-4529


Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland Ohio and serves patients in the greater Cincinnati area. To find out more about your 45140 Chiropractor see


Avoid Gardening and Yard Work Injuries

It’s spring once again and what better place to be than in your garden? While a seemingly tame activity, all that bending, squatting, digging, crouching, and lifting involved in gardening can do a number on your back, neck, shoulder or wrists.

There are good ways to go about gardening and yard work, and some not so good. Some things to avoid would be repetitive movements (like in mulching, digging etc) without frequent breaks. Taking a break every 10 – 15 minutes for these types of rigorous tasks can reduce your risk of injury.

These smart steps can help keep the fun in your gardening experience: Warm up. Zealous gardening can take its toll on your body. Especially if you’re not conditioned. Stretch the areas you’ll be using most to help prevent injury. Vary movements and positions. It’s easy to become lost in concentration while planting that bulb just right. Make a point to reposition your posture, stretch, or walk around a bit in between tasks. Kneel when possible, instead of bending or leaning. Many times a knee pad when kneeling makes a big difference. Be mindful of your body! Pay attention to what your body is telling you when working outdoors.

If you find yourself or a friend in pain due to a gardening or yard-work injury it’s likely we can help. Whether it’s a sprain, strain, disc bulge, or compressed nerve, we can take a look and tell you if chiropractic care can help.


Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland Ohio and serves patients in the greater Cincinnati area. To find out more about your Loveland Chiropractor see


Back surgery, medication, or chiropractic care?

If you’ve been told back or neck surgery is a good option for you, please have a chiropractic evaluation first. Ongoing Chiropractic care has been shown to help reduce the need for costly, risky, and ineffective back and neck surgeries.

This is the situation each year for 2.7 million Americans who find themselves in a doctor’s office, being told that procedures such as spinal fusion, decompression, or laminectomy are their only choices. Keep in mind, these procedures can range between $20,000–$120,000, according to Reuters and Healthcare Bluebook. What’s more, spinal surgery is no guarantee you’ll be back to your old self again. Plus, there are possible risks involved: nerve damage, reaction to anesthesia and heart, lung, or bleeding issues.

Get Proven Results! Surgery can fail. Often a second one is needed. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) is unfortunately a common reality. It’s also tempting to reach for a pill. However, there is no drug that can correct the underlying structural cause of your pain. Yet, that’s exactly what some doctors recommend! By keeping your joints moving properly, our comprehensive spinal care helps reduce inflammation, stiffness, and pain...naturally. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 116 million Americans live with some form of severe or recurring pain, and most use medication to manage it. Painkillers come with potentially serious side effects, especially with long-term use. Why take the risks when you don’t have to! Use What You Already Have! Chiropractic adjustments actually help your body release its own natural pain-relieving chemicals!

We aim to address the root cause of your discomfort. We gently restore your spine’s alignment, removing pressure from inflamed nerves and muscles—common causes of musculoskeletal pain! You’ve heard the news. Our country is in an opioid crisis. The drugs people turn to are not helping them get better—they’re making them dependent!

Now, we realize that for some people the addition of medication to minimize spinal pain is the best approach, but that should almost always be combined with efforts to correct the structural issues with chiropractic care. Also, there are situations where surgery really is the only answer. In this case it is likely that chiropractic care will be beneficial within 6 months to 2 years after the surgery to increase mobility and improve healing.

Please call us if you are interested in natural care to relieve and heal back and neck conditions without the use of drugs or surgery.


Choosing Wisely: Making good decisions about your health

Now more than ever, there is a lot of information (sometimes conflicting) on healthcare. What tests to get, what treatments to receive, what the costs are for the tests and treatments... and the list goes on. How do you know what to do with all of this? And who should you listen to?

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recently took a stand for a program called Choosing Wisely. It's a guide to make more informed healthcare decisions, for both doctors and patients. Unfortunately, some doctors, chiropractors, and healthcare providers have recommended unnecessary diagnostic tests, medications, and procedures that may actually make patients worse and cost them extra money as well. 

The ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) foundation put together information on how to make health care decisions based on the latest research. In general these are recommendations from the top medical associations and research reviews, and some of them are surprising!


Topics include the following (click the link to read):


Brain scans for head injuries - when you need them and when you don't


Back Pain - when do you need x-rays or a back brace


Treatments and Tests your Baby May Not Need in the Hospital


Colonoscopy - When you need it and when you don't


Medicines to relieve chronic pain


Treating Sinus Problems


You can find hundreds of these fact sheets for various tests, conditions, and treatments here 


Why you need chiropractic care after a low speed impact

Auto accidents happen every day. Most of them are low-impact collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for highway safety the largest number of rear impact crash injuries occur when there is little or no vehicle damage. Shockingly, the Spine Research Institute of San Diego reports long-term complaints from 67% of people with only a 7mph impact! 

Chiropractic care has been shown to be over 90% effective in relieving whiplash-associated pain. No matter how small a collision may be it's important to get checked early for signs of whiplash. Getting a chiropractic exam soon after an accident may be the difference between having no pain and having life-long pain.


Over 50% people who are in a car accident have pain or disablity a year later if they had not undergone proper treatment. Getting a chiropractic evaluation within a few days of an accident is usually best, but even up to a year later can be beneficial in reducing neck pain, headaches, radiating arm pain, numbness and tingling. Please give our office a call if you or a loved one has been in an accident so we can determine if chiropractic care is appropriate. 



Dr. Kauffman is a licensed chiropractor in Loveland Ohio and serves patients in the greater Cincinnati area. To find out more about your Loveland Chiropractor see